React Native Reanimated Canvas

A canvas component designed especially for responsive drawing in react-native.

This repository was originally forked from @terrylinla/react-native-sketch-canvas, which is no longer active. The source code has been heavily refactored to boost performance.

Some features have been added, some removed or changed, making it declarative, more light-weight and low-level, befitting react-native-reanimated.

Due to these major changes a lot more can be done with this library, including integration with other libraries and components such as react-native-svg.

NOTICE: iOS is not yet supported.

Why not react-native-svg?

One word.


None the less, react-native-svg can be used with this library.


  1. Transparent path needs to be checked
  2. All touches are now handled in native


Check full example app in the CanvasExample/App folder.


Feel free to submit issues and PRs.